susan.gifSUSAN DUNN


Susan Dunn earned her doctorate in science education from the University of Northern Colorado, administrative certification and a graduate degree in elementary education from Portland State University, and undergraduate degrees in fine arts and elementary education from Western Washington University. As a classroom teacher and elementary principal, Susan has worked with children from 3 to 14 years. She has worked extensively with teachers as a Director of Staff Development/Curriculum/Evaluation, and with undergraduates and graduates as a university/college faculty member. Her work with children is based on a background in cognitive development and a passion for deep learning that draws together childhood and the development of skills needed in a future we cannot yet know. Susan’s work reveals a respect for collaborative inquiry, reasoned risk-taking, and reflection.

sally.gifSALLY WELLS

Director, Literacy 

Sally Wells earned her undergraduate degree in elementary education and a graduate degree in Curriculum/Instruction, both from the University of Oregon. As a classroom teacher, her work with children ages 5 to 11 is centered on inquiry, capitalizing on the child’s natural curiosity, and empowering the learner in decision-making processes and reflection. Sally’s love of literacy is illustrated daily in her engagement with the writing process as she collaborates with youngsters to consume and produce text. Her passion for the rich tradition of oral story-telling and children’s literature are gifts to each child inspired to stretch the imagination, extending access to ideas and information.


Making learning Visible

Will Parnell holds a Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Portland State University with an emphasis in the educational approaches found in Reggio Emilia, Italy's municipal preprimary schools and infant-toddler centers. Will loves to work in applied research that moves schools to higher ground where children can teach adults how to learn with them as active co-learners. Will works with schools to openly express their values through documentation, collaboration, and reflection on deep inquiry work. He believes in living with enduring questions through a cycle of inquiry; a cycle where we question, explore, reflect, make learning visible, and question so more. Enduring questions stay with us over our lives, where we come to understand our own answers more deeply over time. Will's current research centers on l'ateliers or studios where children can represent their thinking visibly, aided by their creative expression. He is writing and publishing many manuscripts on children and teachers' experiences in the early childhood studio--a place where children's many expressive languages demonstrate their human potential.